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An award winning publisher of tourist information apps.

Founded in 2008, Pocket Places is exploiting the exciting opportunity of using the iPhone, iPad and other portable devices, in the tourism industry. Our mobile pocket guides have been downloaded over 100,000 times and this figure is growing!
From remote locations to international cities.

Our growing collection of Pocket Guides cover a wide range of destinations. From the UK capital city - London - to the quaint seaside resort of Southwold - with plenty more guides on the horizon and plenty of other ideas too - watch this space!

App Development

Leaflet or Brochure Conversion

Pocket Places can develop tourist information apps quickly and easily, using one of our existing app frameworks. This gives us the ability to develop apps for tourism clients quicker and cheaper than having an app developed from scratch. Apps are a great way to market tourist attractions and reach a world-wide audience. Contact us for more information.
Do you spend significant money on printing and distributing paper leaflets? Have you thought about using a mobile app and QR codes as a way to reach an even wider audience? Creating a free app is a cost effective way of increasing the distribution of your brochure content. Pocket Places can convert your tourist information brochures to apps, quickly and easily using our existing app frameworks.

Location Aware - Search what is nearby

Use a tourist information map to explore places to visit and find out what there is to see and do in the local area. See your current location on the map and follow your progress. Pocket Places offer bespoke map creation using the best available maps. Once downloaded, our maps can be used completely offline - this is important for international visitors (who wish to avoid expensive data roaming charges) and users in rural locations (where there are poor data connections). Alternatively, we are quite happy to integrate standard online mapping tools such as google maps.
Pocket Places Maps
Map contains Ordnance Survey Data which is Crown copyright and database right 2010.

Location Based Audio & Video

Quizzes and Puzzles

We are experts in the creation of tourism audio and video for mobile apps. We write all our own scripts and music, then using our own network of voice artists, we record and mix in our own recording studio. Finally, we add moving pictures if video is required.

Listen to our Cornwall Audio Introduction
Click the arrow to play, click the bar to pause/rewind

We understand that tourism is fun and entertaining. As a result, we enhance our tourist information apps with "Did You Know?" facts, quizzes and puzzles.

Did You Know?
In 1968, a Hawker Hunter jet was flown under Tower Bridge. Its pilot decided on a personal tribute to the RAF's 50th birthday. His bosses were not impressed and he was arrested on landing and discharged from the RAF.

Picture Puzzle
Dazzling the crowds in Covent Garden.
Solve the puzzle by re-arranging the pieces horizontally and vertically. Touch a piece to move into the free space. Photo © garryknight (CC)

Pocket Places Team

Recognition and Awards

Mark Oakden (Founder & CEO) Mark is a serial entrepreneur, having previously started 3 successful information management businesses.
Martin Lewis (Advisor) Martin is an experienced CEO and he has delivered substantial multi-million pound growth for several corporates.
Mike Giddins (Media) Mike is a talented musician and audio/video expert. He has created a wide range of media for organisations including the BBC and ITV.
We have only been going a short time, but we have already bagged a load of recognition and awards!

Pocket Places was included in a round-up of Technology loved by the BBC Technology Team during 2008.

Partners & Investors

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We are interested in speaking to organisations that we can partner with in order to help us grow our business quicker, with potential investment opportunities for the right partner. Please do get in touch.
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